• Virgis Darulis

    Gold Nugget Massage

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  • Virgis Darulis

    Qualified Gold Nugget Massage Therapist

    Gold Nugget Massage (Gold Therapy) is a first and unique treatment in Ireland. It was inspired by traditional Eastern Medicine with unique techniques to create harmony between mind and body. Gold Therapy is Hot Nugget Massage that is treated on the energy Meridian lines to balance the energy of the whole body.

    It is also applied on the body based on the muscle and lymphatic structure. The heat from warm nuggets movements can relax the skin pores, decrease muscle tension, stimulates lymphatic flow, accelerates the blood circulation. Gold Therapy as a tool of beauty therapists to eliminate fat and lines on the face, neck and belly.


    Gold Therapy helps with osteoarthritis, rheumatism and sports injuries.


    The deep heat helps dry up dampness. The damp Irish climate depletes vital energy and causes pain for some. Gold Therapy in this way benefits your circulation, digestion, respiratory, excretion and nervous system.

    I use Aromatherapy in my practice. It makes a client feel relaxed, stimulated, and peaceful depending on their desired emotional response and from the music. It helps eliminate stress, chronic fatigue and to unblock meridians. These three work together as one - massage, aromatherapy and music.

    You have the unique opportunity to see these benefits from Gold Therapy.

    I do full body treatment: Back & arms, Neck & shoulder, back legs, front legs, belly, chest, neck, face, scalp or separate body parts.

    Virgis is a full time graduate of the Gold Nugget Massage course in the Dublin College of Energy and Medicine.

    All Health Insurance Approved.

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