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    Melissa O'Neill

    Inner Soul Awakenings

    tel: 087 6874761

    email: mel52reiki@gmail.com

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    Meditation group held at the Sonas Health & Wellness Centre every Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm

  • Inner Soul Awakenings

    Hi my name is Melissa O’Neill. I am a Complimentary Therapist and Teacher. I work with the healing energies of Reiki and Rahanni and I am a Master Teacher in both energies.

    Melissa O'Neil - Energy Healing, Sonas Health & Wellness Centre

    Energy Healing

    Healing energies of Reiki and Rahanni

    I give individual healings using these energies and facilitate workshops for the teaching of these energies to others. I am also a Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Teacher and teach mindful living to all. I offer individual teaching to learn how to meditate and I am also offering a group meditation.

    Melissa O'Neil - Energy Healing, Sonas Health & Wellness Centre

    Guided Visualization Meditations

    Opening to our higher selves. I also work with Teens

    I am a professional member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland. I also work as a Special Needs Assistant with autistic children and those on the spectrum and have been for 15 years. I have worked with teenagers and young adults in the healing work teaching them to meditate and receive healing. I work with the Angelic Realm and I also give guided visualization meditations to open to our higher selves.





    Melissa O'Neil - Meditation, Sonas Health & Wellness Centre

    Promoting Healing Relaxation

    Your Journey of Healing & Empowerment

    Begin your journey of healing and empowerment now. I promote healing relaxation and aim to reduce stress and anxiety. These therapies will give you exactly what you need in this moment. I work from the Sonas Health and Wellness Centre every Wednesday.


    Please contact me for appointment.

    Tel: 087 6874761


    Check out my facebook page for events: Innersoulawakenings


    Meditation group held every Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm

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