• Catherine Lawler, MIAPT BSc

    Lawler Physical Therapy

    Tel. 087-1411300

    email: catherinelawler@eircom.net

    Website: http://www.wexfordpt.com/

    Hours: By appointment

    Early morning & evening appointments available

  • "Go from the pain & frustration of injury back to you physical best"


    I am a registered Physical Therapist providing safe and effective treatment of a variety of conditions, that cause joint pain, muscle pain, movement disorders, sports injuries, fitness and work injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

    I can help treat and prevent many of the sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, mechanical movement dysfunctions, post-surgical weakness and many other painful medically related physical discomforts that you may encounter throughout life.

    I work with clients who place a high value on their physical health and recognise the value of their investment.

    In the clinic the main focus is always on you, the client, and the goal with all treatments is to return you to optimum performance allowing you to successfully tackle the stresses and strains of modern life.

    If you are unsure what treatment would best suit you feel free to contact me at any time and I will be happy to advise you on the best route to take. Phone 087-1411300

    The first appointment takes about 50 minutes and subsequent treatment take from 40 to 45 minutes.

    Check out my website on www.wexfordpt.com for more information.

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